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How to copy iPhone contacts to another iPhone

backup contacts from one iPhone, then restore it to another iPhone

NOTE: Before restoring contacts from computer to iPhone, you should have backup all iPhone contacs to computer as .CSV file already.
" All, I accidentally clicked the 'sync contacts with outlook' option in itunes, and wiped the contacts off my iphone. Is there a way where I can restore these old contacts that were on my iphone?"
The best answer is to find a program to restore iPhone contacts from backup. And Tansee iPhone Transfer contact can backup iPhone contacts when you need to. To restore contacts on iPhone you just launch iTunes.
iPhone Transfer Contact - Backup  contacts from iPhone and restore iPhone contacts Tansee iPhone Transfer contact support iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS. Fully support Windows.

Now, if you need this iPhone contact backup software and restore program, you can try the free trial version to backup 5 contacts on iPhone.

  • Copy contacts to computer as a file
  • Sync the backup contacts to other device or email
  • Transfer all contacts or a specific contact from iPhone

Part one : Backup the iPhone contacts to computer first

You need to copy the contacts from one iPhone, and backup it to computer hard drive as a .csv file. So you can easily restore the iPhone contacts backup file .csv to another iPhone.

Step 1: Install iPhone contacts backup tool

It is very easy to use Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact to backup the contact and contact's photo to computer. It can also backup iPhone 3G contacts to computer. With Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact, you can transfer the iPhone contact to computer as a txt(.txt) file or a ANTC(.csv) file before the event above happens. Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer all contacts or a single contact, further more, you can choose transfer the contact to a TXT file or a ANTC file. In ANTC file condition, you can protect the file with a password to keep your privacy. Tansee iPhone Transfer contact is the best iPhone contact manager software.

Download Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact free trial version here, Then install it to your computer. At present, Tansee iPhone Transfer contact only support Windows. Mac user can't install this iPhone manager application. The whole installation just a few seconds.
Note: You can only copy the first 5 contacts with trail version. So, if you have more than 5 contacts on your iPhone, you'd better buy the iPhone contact manager app.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to computer

Connect iPhone to your computer with the iPhone USB cable. it is very easy to do this. To backup iPhone contact. you need to connect your iPhone to computer first.

Step 3: Copy iPhone contacts to computer.
Start the iPhone Contact manager app, the iPhone contacts info will display as shown in your iPhone screen automatically as fig 1. you can view the person's name on contact. Before transfer any contact, you need to choose on or more contacts on the display list.

Tansee iPhone Contact transfer - iPhone contacts backup and restore
fig 1

Click on single name, all his or her information will display as fig 2 shown.
Tansee iPhone Contact transfer - iPhone contacts backup and restore
fig 2

Step 4-a: In fig 1 situation, you can click button "Copy" to copy all contacts from your iPhone to your computer, then select options:
1: Choose File Type: backup iPhone contact to TXT file, backup iPhone contact ANTC file or CSV file;
2: Choose File Path: use the default path or you can choose another save path you'd like.
3: Advanced Option: if you choose ANTC format in step 1, you can add a password to protect the file. Note: We do not know the password, so please do remember it.
Click OK Button to finish the Copy. See fig 3.
Note: You can only copy the first 5 iPhone contacts with trail version.

Tansee iPhone Contact transfer - iPhone contacts backup and restore
fig 3

Step 4-b: In fig 2 situation, click button "Copy Contact From who" to copy contact of a single person, select options:
1: Choose File Type: Backup iPhone contacts to TXT file, and CSV file in single contact transfer;
2: Choose File Path: You can change the backup path if you do not use default path;
3: Advanced Option: Disabled in single contact transfer.
Click OK Button to finish the Copy. See fig 4.
Note: You can only copy the first 5 contacts for him/she in trail version.

how to backup iPhone  contacts
fig 4

Are your clear?we have showed you the process of how to backup iPhone contacts to .csv files with iPhone Transfer contact on computer. Now. it's time for you to restore the backup file to another computer.

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Part two : Copy the iPhone contacts to another iPhone

NOTE: Before restore, you need to install the iTunes to your computer and we think that you have made a backup of your iPhone contacs as .csv file with Tansee iPhone Transfer contact. if not, Please see how to backup iPhone contact with Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact.

Step 1: Backup all your contacts from iPhone to computer as .csv file format using Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact.

Step 2: Click on Start - All Programs - Accessories, click to open Address Book.
In Address Book, click File - Import - Other Address Book..., select "Text File (Comma Separated Values)", click Import, then browser the CSV file, click Next, Map the fields you wish to import, click finish. After all this, you had import the contacts to your Windows Address Book.

Step 3: Open iTunes, connect iPhone to computer, when iPhone successfully connected. click to select the iPhone on iTunes, choose Info tab, in Contact section, check "Sync contacts with Window Address Book", click apply. And the .CSV file will be restored to iPhone.

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